China has entered the era of super city

China's economy has maintained a high growth rate of 40 years, recently began to turn its attention to the city, especially the development of super-large cities, as its future economic growth drive. At present, Chinese academics have lively discussions on the development of super-metropolitan areas and the promotion of metropolitan areas. It is hoped that further expansion of the economies of scale or economic efficiency of the mega-cities will be supported by decision-makers at a higher level. It is further suggested that a metropolitan area of greater depth and closer network linkages should be established between neighboring economic centers. It is expected that if urban-driven growth continues for 10 years, China's urbanization is expected to reach the global average.

It is no surprise that China's popularity in recent years has favored the super city and the city circle, which is related to China's attempts to upgrade its growth pattern over the past 10 years. Despite the high degree of manufacturing, China's urbanization process has been slower than its industrialization and economic development. Although China is today the world's second largest economy, only half of the population is urban dwellers, and the population living in super-big cities is less than one-tenth of the total population.

China's role in the rapid industrialization of the past 25 years, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the role of large cities is not important. This is the most industrialized in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region is extremely typical. In these areas, for a considerable period of time, relative to those small and medium-sized cities, large cities are bound by the state sector under the system, the accumulation of productive capital, attract foreign direct investment (FDI) landing and local entrepreneurial spirit There is no overwhelming advantage, but those small and medium-sized cities take advantage of, in one fell swoop rise to become a manufacturing center.

After the 90s of last century, Suzhou Kunshan rapid rise, has become China's most important electronic products manufacturing center. In Guangdong Province, similar to Kunshan such small cities, such as Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Shunde, also with the global industrial chain a high degree of integration of the rise of manufacturing opportunities, as China plays an important role as a factory. Even today, one of China's most enviable super-cities, Shenzhen, has evolved to a large scale today, along with its industrialization as an export processing zone. In 1979, when the central government approved it as a special economic zone, Border town.


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