China's capital account opening should be the next step in the development of th

China Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar pointed out that China's current financial system as a whole is more closed, in order to become a financial power, financial opening, especially capital account opening is a necessary condition, which should be the next step in the development of the top priority The

Part of the Industrial Research Vice President, Huafu Securities chief economist of the political commissar of the political news published on Wednesday pointed out that China's financial scale is already a big case, the next step to build a financial power, must consider the key point is how To further strengthen the interaction with the global financial system. This means that China's financial opening is the only way to build a financial power.

"Disproportionate to China's huge economic and financial scale, so far, China's financial impact on the world is still very small, from the global financial power is still a big gap." He said, in the final need to expand the premise of opening up, The future will need to shape a more flexible exchange rate mechanism as the construction of financial power of the top priority.

In his view, China has basically established the basis for building a financial power, and expand the open and prevent the risk of both, to ensure that the financial aspects of the key is always "sustainable". "Unsustainable" is the root cause of vulnerability, but also the international speculative capital short, the basic starting point of attack.


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