A Brief Introduction to the Method of Disassembly and Disassembly of Bearing in

Lime powder is made of limestone, dolomite or chalk and other raw materials, calcined by calcium oxide as the main component of the gas hard inorganic binder material, widely used in building materials, chemical and other industries. Lime powder is made of limestone and other raw materials by crushing, calcination, grinding after the formation of limestone crushing equipment are: impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, efficient crusher.
    Crusher in the course of the use of regular inspection to ensure that the equipment is stable and stable operation. This article describes the crusher in the maintenance process of bearing disassembly and installation methods.
    one. Remove bearing Note:
    The removal of the bearings is carried out on a periodic basis or when a bearing needs to be replaced due to an abnormal operation. Regular inspection of the need to replace the bearing bearing often, when removing the bearing to understand the reasons for the occurrence of abnormalities to prevent further abnormalities. At least to save the following:
    1 Collect and store the used lubricant.
    2 Save damaged bearings.
    3 Save records of unusual events during operation.
    4 Save the bearing record when the operation is abnormal.
    two. Bearing installation
    There are many ways to install the bearings, the same operation after the installation of the installation.When the bearing is installed, be sure to tilt the outer ring coating bearing lubricants.
    1. Lubricant coating
    (1) coated grease lubrication cover all the roller surface, after finishing the outer ring to restore the location.
    (2) Apply the lubricating oil to all the roller surfaces, and then restore the position of the outer ring.
    2. After coating, covered with plastic film, such as dust.
    The crusher is preferably tested under the guidance of a professional technician to avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment. The daily production process of the equipment to monitor the operation of the situation in time to solve the problem.


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